Useful information about Osteopathy


What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system on manual diagnosis and treatment based on the relationship between the structure and function of the body. This relationship means that the health and well being of an individual will be influenced by their muscles, joints, ligaments and connective tissues working smoothly together. Where this is not the case, and there are many reasons where this may be so, symptoms may arise, such as spinal pain, muscular aches, and joint pain and stiffness.

Osteopaths use a range of manual techniques to help restore normal function. These might include physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase mobility within joints, reduce muscular tension, and enhance blood supply to tissues, thus encouraging the body’s own healing responses. They also offer advice on posture and exercises to promote recovery and help to prevent symptoms recurring.

Osteopaths are state registered and regulated by The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). For more information, see the GOsC website

What happens at your first visit?

At a first consultation, the osteopath will take a detailed case history relating to the presenting complaint and more general health issues. We are keen to know what matters to you, and what your own concerns and expectations are. We will discuss the process with you, and if you are happy to proceed, we will conduct an assessment. This will involve examining the area concerned,  as well as a more global assessment of the musculoskeletal system (your muscles and joints), posture and balance. Sometimes we will check the cardiovascular or respiratory systems (heart and breathing), or check the abdomen. We will often undertake a neurological examination – which means checking the function of your nerves – by taking reflexes and testing for muscle strength or sensitivity.

Once we have reached a working diagnosis, we’ll discuss this with you, and talk through the treatment options and recommendations. We’ll answer any questions you have, and, if you’re happy to go ahead, will proceed with the treatment. 


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