Counselling in Lewes

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

There are many ways in which people use NLP. It can be a practical short term approach to give us tools to deal with difficult situations. Lynne will also use it to offer deeper support as it can be used to help us when we feel stuck in old ways of thinking and behaving. The chance to update our own internal computer software and find more resourceful ways of approaching issues in our lives.

Life Coaching

People can use life coaching sessions in a number of ways. It offers the opportunity to explore areas in our lives where we may be struggling, identify priorities and create focus, develop frameworks for new projects and support us in moving forwards. Lynne is flexible in her approach and adapts to suit the individual and what they are working with. 

Appointments & Fee Structure

For each of her single or combined therapies Lynne offers a free mini consultation by phone or at the clinic to see if her approach might suit you. For more information please call 01273 480900.

NLP & Coaching: Appointments – adults for one hour, £55.
Longer sessions can be arranged where that would be helpful.

There are also a limited number of concessionary rate places and flexible fee packages available – details available from Lynne upon request. 


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