It's all in the timing

Timer in front of computer 2.jpg

We all know we should not be crouching over our computers for hours at a time, it's bad for our necks, spines, mental health, hips, etc etc etc. And yet we all do it.

Some of us have heard that a break every forty five minutes, to move and stretch, make a cup of tea or a standing phone call is a good idea. In theory.

It's hard to be disciplined about getting up and away from the computer when it's just you and your own will power and there is so much you've got to get done.

Time to invest in a TIMER

Timer alerts are designed to operate like a baby's cry, to cause stress, grab attention, and make you take action. Set your timer for whichever time interval suits you best, and when the alarm sounds you will find it much harder to ignore its shrill summonds to action than you will the gentle, unassuming whisper that is your sensible self.

You can get some quite pretty ones too. Not like this one.

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Photo by Katie Vandyck April 2018