Western Herbal Medicine in Lewes

Western Herbal Medicine Western herbal medicine uses extracts of whole parts of plants to help support and maintain health.

The plants used are predominantly from Britain, Europe & North America.  This system of medicine has been relied upon for centuries, with many modern drugs originating from plants. Unlike orthodox drugs that tend to have a single active constituent, plant medicines contain many constituents that may have various therapeutic actions on the body.  People consult medical herbalists for a wide range of conditions.

Advice can be offered for conditions that affect the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, musculoskeletal, reproductive, urinary & immune systems.

Medical herbalists believe that the best results are achieved by individualised herbal preparations, unique for each patient. Medical herbalists focus on the underlying cause of a condition rather than just the symptoms and therefore, the herbal consultation is an important part of the treatment process. Herbs are widely available to buy over the counter, but a medical herbalist has many more herbs available to them and can prescribe herbs that are suited to you and your condition.

Medical herbalists are also trained to prescribe herbs that do not interact with any other medication you may be taking, so by seeing a medical herbalist you can be sure that you are receiving both an appropriate and safe treatment. 

What to expect during a herbal medicine consultation - initial consultation

An initial consultation lasts approximately one hour and during this time an in-depth picture is built up about your health. This covers your presenting complaint and symptoms as well as personal and family medical history, medication, diet and lifestyle. 


A blood pressure check and other (non-invasive) physical examinations may be carried out where relevant to help make a diagnosis. These findings are discussed with you and a treatment plan agreed. Lifestyle and dietary advice are also offered and discussed.


An individual herbal prescription is then formulated for you. This is usually a tincture (a blend of herbal extracts in alcohol & water), but sometimes dried herbs, capsules, syrups or topical creams may be recommended. Instructions are given on how to take your medicine. 

Follow up appointment

A follow up appointment is arranged for 2 weeks later and this lasts approximately 30 minutes. During follow up appointments, adjustments may be made to your herbal medicine to ensure it is at its most effective.

The length of time you take herbal medicine depends on a number of factors such as your general state of health, how long you have had your presenting condition, the severity of the condition and the effects of other medications. Herbs work in a more subtle way than pharmaceutical medicines, but are also less likely to produce side effects.  They can work quickly, but it is usual to take herbal medicine for several months to gain maximum benefit from the treatment.

Treatment prices from January 2017

Initial consultation (1 hour) - £55.00 (includes herbal tincture for 2 weeks)

Follow up consultations (30 mins) - £45.00 (includes herbal tincture for 4 weeks) 


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